Fourth Vijverberg Session – Food

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Fourth Vijverberg Session on Food

Rabobank Representation in the Netherlands, Korte Vijverberg 2, The Hague, 22 September 2009

The sharp price increases for raw materials, energy and food have direct consequences for the relative positions of countries on the economic world map as well as for their development perspectives. The substantial increase of renewable energy in the US and EU are reflected in the prices on the different markets. Biofuels compete with food and feed (meat production) for scarce resources, cross-integrating the global market. The markets for raw materials, energy and food are increasingly influenced by (geo-) political framework conditions at the international level.

The Session

To elaborate on these issues, the focus of the fourth Vijverberg Session was specifically on the issue of Food. To kick off the discussion, short introductions to the subject were given in a presentation by Mr. Shenggen Fan, Director of Development Strategy and Governance Division at IFPRI, followed by comments from Emeritus Professor Arie Kuyvenhoven from the Wageningen University. After the introduction the chair of the session Gerrit Meester opened the floor for the discussion among the participants around the table. The outcomes of this session, as well as the conclusions and recommendations will result in a report, which will be made available on this website in the coming weeks.



Shenggen Fan, Ensuring Global Food Security, Presentation held at SID Vijverberg Session on Food, The Hague, 22 September 2009

Arie Kuyvenhoven, Food, Fuels and Finance. Some comments, Presentation held at SID Vijverberg Session on Food, The Hague, 22 september 2009


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