Third Vijverberg Session – Climate Change and Migration

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Third Vijverberg Session on Climate Change and Migration

EC Representation in The Netherlands, Korte Vijverberg 5, The Hague, 20 January 2009 – Introduction Paper – Report

Even though the climate change has been widely discussed for a number of years the humanitarian consequences have not been given enough attention. It is very difficult to predict what would be the exact number of people affected but is suggested even at the recent conference in Poznan that  by the middle of this century up to 250 million people may be displaced due to extreme weather conditions.


Despite the many uncertainties, one thing seems to be clear,  due to climate change, the lives of many people will be so much affected that they will have to migrate, either in their own country or to another country. It seems therefore necessary that in current discussions on policies and responses of adaptation, mitigation, technology, financing and a shared vision for a new climate change regime, also people displacement and migration related to climate change should be given sufficient attention.

The Session

On Tuesday, the 20th of January, the third Vijverberg Session on Climate Change and Migration took place at the European Commission Representation in the Netherlands, in the Hague.

A select group of participants from different groups of stakeholders were invited to discuss the problems regarding climate change and forced migration. An expert panel of three speakers enthusiastically shared their views on the issues in short presentations to kick off the discussion. Dr. Frank Laczko from IOM and Vikram Kolmannskog from the Norwegian Refugee Council both shared in their presentations the European angle to the current debate. The mayor of Dar es Salaam, Mr. Adam Kimbisa gave us a southern perspective on the issues. The chair of the session, Mr. Jos van Gennip, afterwards led the discussion  between the different groups of stakeholders .The outcomes of the session, as well as the conclusions and recommendations will result in a report. The report will be made available on our website.



Adam Kimbisa, Climate Change and Migration: Perspective of the Big Cities in Southern Countries, Presentation held at SID Vijverberg Session on Climate Change and Migration, The Hague, 20th January 2009 

Vikram Kolmannskog, Climate Change-related Displacement and the European Response, Paper presented at SID Vijverberg Session on Climate Change and Migration, The Hague, 20th January 2009 


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